AAMC is Australia’s largest motor loss assessing brand with annual turnover of $30 million. Given their dominant market share in the ‘motor’ segment, significant growth opportunities lay in the broader accident management market.

It was, therefore, necessary to reposition AAMC as an ‘accident management’ brand to effectively compete in this broader market (without alienating AAMC’s valuable motor loss assessing customers, of course).

Brand Territory workshopping uncovered that AAMC was not only Australia’s largest and best motor loss assessing brand, nationally, but also comprised the largest and best resources in the broader motor accident management market.

The barrier to enter this broader market was simply the perception that AAMC didn’t have ‘accident management’ credentials, whilst in reality it did.

Brand Territory strategically repositioned the AAMC brand as Australia’s No1 in accident management.

The AAMC brand repositioning and creative rebrand rollout provided the required platform for growth into the accident management segment, opening doors for AAMC to win over $6 million of new business within one year, growing the company’s revenue by over 20%.

Today, AAMC ranks No1 in the Google search results for ‘motor loss assessing’ and ‘accident management’.